Namonaki Workshop

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Looking for a custom sculpture?

We are always open for commissions.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Unlike most BJD companies offering custom sculpting services, we do not limit the amount of changes or alterations the customer may request. We will also sculpt a head to work for any body, so long as the client is willing to ship us the chest and upper arm pieces for proper sizing.

Our prices below are for the sculpting fee only, and do not include the final cost of silicone molding or resin casting.

We sculpt in Castilene Wax, which cannot be painted or withstand rough handlingThings sculpted in this material are intended for resicasting, and not for display.

For Ball-Jointed Dolls:

  • We offer a flat sculpting fee of 400USD for BJD heads.
  • Full dolls, custom parts, or custom bodies are subject to our standard sculpting fees.

For resin kits and other static figurines:

  • Our standard sculpting fees are 200USD per inch.
  • Our sculpting price per inch is subject to increase depending on the complexity of your project.

All in-house casting costs are subject to the complexity of the work, and the amount of casts ordered.

For BJD Heads ONLY: 

Generally, silicone molding and resin casting fees start at 500USD. This price includes 10 resin casts of the head.

The silicone molding and resin casting costs for everything else must be accessed on a case-by-case basis.

If you have need for custom sculpting work, please feel welcome to email us at [email protected] and we can discuss specifics.